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Name : Melanie Carder & Anne Clayson


Do contact us if you would like to  discuss any of our courses. Email contact as below.

Occupational Medicine

Name : Melanie Carder
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Occupational Hygiene/Health

Name : Anne Clayson
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At the University of Manchester, we have over 60 years of global influence in Occupational Health, with our department being the first Occupational Medicine department in the world. We are at the forefront of research, development and education in Occupational Health, Occupational Medicine and Occupational Hygiene.

We partner with the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) in research and monitoring services through the Thomas Ashton Institute for Risk and Regulatory Research.

With the Thomas Ashton Institute, the department’s world-leading occupational health monitoring project, The Health and Occupational Research (THOR) network, brings new knowledge on hazardous substances and their exposure alongside other emerging threats in the workplace, to inform future policy and regulatory practices.

Our teaching staff include clinically-trained doctors, occupational physicians, chartered occupational hygienists, occupational health nurses and physiotherapists.   By joining our online blended courses in occupational medicine you will be joining a large community of fellow professional learners working in a variety of contexts, ranging from oil and gas installations and work within the military to hospitals and GP practices.

As a student of the University, you will have access to all the resources of the University of Manchester John Rylands Research Institute and Library and our University of Manchester Library, one of five UK National Research Libraries.

Course details

All our courses are delivered through a blend of written materials in electronic format and interactive teaching material, supported by seminars and tutorials. All materials are accessed solely online, primarily via the University Virtual Learning Environment, Blackboard. The online materials provided are supplemented by additional resources such as seminars and tutorials. A technical induction and online welcome event is provided at the start of the course and each semester. Students are also invited to attend an on campus (non-compulsory), 4 day occupational hygiene practical workshop.

MSc in Occupational Medicine

Our online blended learning MSc Occupational Medicine course will equip you with interdisciplinary knowledge and skills to work in occupational health, culminating in an academic qualification. You can study this course in 1 year, 2 years or 3 years part time. It’s largely online with some (non-mandatory) face to face campus activities.

The course is aimed at doctors who want to gain an academic qualification in occupational medicine. This includes doctors already working in the field, including those in specialist training posts and those undertaking the CESR route, who want to prepare for professional exams with the Faculty of Occupational Medicine (FOM) and clinically trained doctors in other disciplines who have an interest in occupational medicine.

Students studying our MSc programme can choose to complete 8 taught units (15 credits each) and a dissertation (60 credits) or 10 taught units (15 credits each) and a critical literature review (30 credits).

Students wishing to complete a PGCert or a PGDip should enrol on the MSc and exit after 4 taught units (PGCert) or after 8 taught units (PGDip) with an option to return within five years to complete the MSc if desired.

Overview of the course at: MSc in Occupational Medicine | University of Manchester

Entry requirements at: MSc in Occupational Medicine | Entry Requirements

CPD in Occupational Medicine

The University of Manchester is approved by the Faculty of Occupational Medicine (FOM) to run the CPD in Occupational Medicine course to prepare candidates for the FOM’s Diploma in Occupational Medicine’s written and oral examinations.

Your CPD in Occupational Medicine is incorporated into our MSc programme. This gives you the opportunity to take away 30 MSc credits as part of your CPD course.

The CPD course has been designed for registered practitioners to demonstrate a level of competence appropriate to a generalist working in occupational health. Our CPD course is the foundation level qualification required for occupational medicine and covers all the topics required by the FOM curriculum. Additionally we introduce you to occupational hygiene in practice and practical learning. After completion of your CPD course, you have the option to continue your studies with us on the MSc in Occupational Medicine, the MSc in Occupational Hygiene or the MPH in Occupational Health.

You will study 2 x 15 credit MSc units part time over one course semester, EITHER from September to January OR March to July. The course units are Fundamentals of Occupational Health and Introduction to Work-related Ill Health. You can also register for optional attendance at the 4 day on campus practical workshop. This is included in the CPD course fee if you wish to attend.

Overview of the course at: CPD in Occupational Medicine | University of Manchester

Entry requirements:

Potential students must hold a medical degree from an approved institution. No experience in occupational medicine is necessary, although to sit the FOM professional examinations some relevant clinical experience is required.

Students whose first language is not English and who have not received a first degree from a University of a majority English-speaking country should demonstrate English proficiency through a secure and approved testing system, such as IELTS or TOEFL.

MSc Occupational Hygiene and CPD Occupational Hygiene

Our MSc Occupational Hygiene is accredited by the British Occupational Hygiene Society (BOHS), with a steer towards the path of BOHS Chartered Membership. You can study this course in 1 year, 2 years or 3 years part time. Its largely online with some face to face campus activities.  The course is approved against industry standards set by the BOHS curriculum and includes new curriculum which meets the BOHS standard for M500 and M501 modules on occupational exposure assessment and control.  You can study these two modules as CPD which is studied online over two semesters, Semester 1 – February to June, Semester 2 – September to January with compulsory attendance at our Practical Workshop for this qualification. This means you can network and study with trainee occupational physicians on our sister courses, working together during our campus Practical Occupational Hygiene course in Manchester.

Overview of the courses at:

MSc in Occupational Hygiene | University of Manchester and

CPD in Occupational Hygiene | University of Manchester

The teaching and research academics on the MSc Occupational Hygiene work closely with the British Occupational Hygiene Society and most are members of the Society. As a University of Manchester student you can join the BOHS free of charge. We recommend joining the Society as soon as you register to benefit from the extensive events and activities offered each year.

Entry requirements at:

MSc in Occupational Hygiene | Entry Requirements

CPD in Occupational Hygiene | Entry Requirements

MPH Occupational Health

Our distance learning Master of Public Health (Occupational Health) course meets the training needs of health professionals around the world who are interested in a career in occupational health or those seeking new skills in this area. Contemporary occupational health practice requires practitioners to be adaptable and flexible, with a broad experience of a range of subject areas.

Our course incorporates occupational health, hygiene and medicine. The link to the course pages here gives more information but for a detailed discussion on your training and development needs we would recommend a call to talk through the options for this programme. If you are interested in Public and Occupational Health crossovers then this will make for very interesting conversations.

Suffice to say our programme gives you a unique diversity across the public health and occupational spectrum of topics, issues and challenges.

Please contact Anne on the above email.

Overview of the courses at: MPH in Occupational Health | University of Manchester

Entry requirements at: MPH in Occupational Health | Entry Requirements

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