The Association of Occupational Health and Wellbeing Professionals​

Supporting you through your Occupational Health career

Over 1000 Members
Registered Charity No. 1205635


Who we are

iOH, The Association of Occupational Health and Wellbeing Professionals (iOH) is a network of Occupational Health & Wellbeing Professionals.

Members of iOH are health professionals who work in an Occupational Health & Wellbeing and come from the disciplines of Occupational Health, Safety, Hygiene, Ergonomics, Wellbeing, Allied Health Disciplines and Rehabilitation  or are students currently studying. All are Welcome here!

We provide extensive Continuing Professional Development Resources for all our members. 

What We Do

We are a diverse group of health professionals, informing and supporting employers to improve the working environment and health and wellbeing of workers so that they can do their jobs efficiently and effectively.

We improve work ability through individual assessment signposting and support, ergonomic assessment and recommendations, health surveillance for workplace hazards and health monitoring for conditions known to affect or be affected by work.

iOH members work with all employers and Private Practice offering a range of services depending on the sector size. They improve the health, safety, comfort and performance of the working population by preventing and reducing occupational disease and accidents.

The advice arising from Occupational Health & Wellbeing activities enables employers to address sickness absence and presenteeism by considering reasonable adjustments, in line with the Equality Act, to enable those with long term conditions and disabilities to work productively.

By tackling problems early on the likelihood of them becoming long lasting is reduced. This improves the health and well-being of the working population and result in costs savings for companies.

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