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iOH Partner

iOH Partner

Cordell Health

A social enterprise specialising in early intervention and expert support to HR and managers in workplace health and wellbeing

Cordell Health Ltd is a social enterprise specialising in providing early intervention and expert support to HR and managers in the field of workplace health and wellbeing. As a client, we would partner with you to define your requirements against which we deliver services after an extensive assessment of your health and wellbeing needs; we help protect and support the health of employees, promote wellbeing and enrich organisations.

Our Vision

social enterprise has been described as a dynamic, ethical and sustainable way of doing business, values which are aligned with those of Cordell Health Ltd.

Our Vision is to change the focus in the workplace from disability to ability

We aspire to provide a dynamic, sustainable and ethical way of delivering workplace health and wellbeing. Our proposals focus on providing services to assist an organisation in delivering against the seven principles which characterise a human-centred organisation (ISO 27500) with the aim of reducing sickness absence, improving productivity and increasing employee engagement.

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