Launching your dream career as an independent OH practitioner

Presented by Sarah Hamilton-Gill FCIPD

Tue 29 June 2021, 8:00 pm

Though originally devised as a programme primarily to coach HR consultants in launching their independent careers, our Leap Into HR Consulting® principles apply equally to all people-focused professions, and we are proud to count Occupational Health practitioners among the 60+ successful graduates from our virtual business coaching courses since their inception in March 2020 – read OH Nurse Anna’s success story here.

Join this 45-minute webinar to find out more about our tried-and-tested ‘5 Cs’ model and how we can help you on the path to the career as an OH independent that you always dreamed of. From our business mentor and coach Sarah Hamilton-Gill, you will learn:

Confidence – Identifying your strengths, and the practicalities of what you need to earn;

Clarity – Your ideal customer, your niche and pricing;

Credibility – Your online presence, brand, visibility and self-promotional tools;

Collaboration – Working with business partners to create additional income sources;

Courage – Your Action Plan and the financial, technical and practical tools for the road ahead.

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