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Here is a list of webinars that may be useful in fulfilling your CPD. The links should take you to their websites where there is a selection of webinars that are u and coming.

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EU-OSHALink here European health and safety site with webinar’s 
VRALink hereVocational Rehab Webinars
Royal College of MedicineLink hereCOVID and interesting interviews not COVID related 
SOM Webinar’sLink hereVarious – very interesting; free for members; cost £85 annual membership.
Right Management Link hereVarious including Furlough; Resilince; Communication – 20 minutes
Eventbrite Link here 100’s of free webinar’s on various topics 
Barbour Health & SafetyLink hereArms safety and Thames water communication
OHSLink heredisaster planning; driving liability;confined space etc. 1 hour 
CIPDLink hereethics in the workplace
IOSHLink here Links to previously recorded Occupational Health and Safety Webinars
OH&SLink Here American Safety webinars
Xpert HRLink HereHR based webinar’s
Key TreeLink herePre-recorded “The New Normal” – also register for future webinars
HSELink here Health and Safety Executive Podcasts
CIPDLink here Chartered institute of Personnel Development; Work and Employment Law: Absence
New scientist Link here Fun and interesting facts based on latest research
BMJ OHLink here  Being a Sick Doctor
Working well Link here OH Nurse Specialist – 10 minutes each 
HSJ Link HerePodcasts and Videos – 
RCSGLink hereFree (usually requires payment) course on travel health
Charles BloeLink HereStress
Lancet VoiceLink Here Health Issues – Fortnightly 
Daniel BarnettLink Here Employment Law 
FONSLink Here Learning and Development
Cohrane Review Link here Evidence based health research 
Royal Society of Public HealthLink HereMental Health; Sleep; Gambling; Cancer etc

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Disclaimer: iOH cannot guarantee the quality of the webinars and are not providing these events. We hold no responsibility for the contents or the views of the contributors or providers. You are responsible for ensuring that the webinars meet your needs and are suitable for your CPD. Please report any broken links to: admin@ioh.org.uk

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