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Health Surveillance in OH is the cornerstone of what OH Nurses do on a day to day basis. This will either involve completing the surveillance, interpreting the results or writing reports back to manager and Employers. On these pages we will bring together resources from a wide range of sources to assist in this important process.

An Australian Perspective but still pertinent for us here in the UK.

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Articles for Health Screening can be found here from a variety of different sources. Links are to articles and journals that we have found to be of benefit to the OH & Wellbeing community.

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Respiratory Health and Surveillance

  • Seed MJ, Carder M, Gittins Met al (2019) Emerging trends in the UK incidence of occupational asthma: should we be worried?Occupational and Environmental Medicine 2019;76:396-397.


While 15% of adult-onset asthma is estimated to have an occupational cause, there has been evidence of a downward trend in occupational asthma incidence in several European countries since the start of this millennium. However, recent data from The Health and Occupation Reporting network in the UK have suggested a possible reversal of this downward trend since 2014. We present these data and discuss possible explanations for this observed change in incidence trend. A high index of suspicion of occupational causation in new-onset asthma cases continues to be important, whether or not the recently observed increase in occupational asthma incidence in the UK is real or artefactual.

A really interesting read!
  • Time trends in the incidence of work-related ill-health
    in the UK, 1996-2018: estimation from THOR
    surveillance data

Report to the UK Health and Safety Executive
Money A, Carder M, Barradas A, Gittins M, Seed M, van Tongeren M.
Centre for Occupational and Environmental Health, Centre for Epidemiology, Division of Population Health, Health Services Research & Primary Care, School of Health Sciences, Faculty of Biology, Medicine and Health, the University of Manchester
31st August 2019

  • Occupational Health Challenges for Immigrant Workers

Includes section on Health Surveillance for Migrant Workers  

Spirometry / Respiratory – Video Links

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Pulmonary Function Test Interpretation Clearly Explained

COPD Clearly Explained

Asthma Clearly Explained

Understanding Spirometry – Normal, Obstructive vs Restrictive

Audiometry/Hearing Health - Video Links

Noise-Induced Hearing Loss

Adult Hearing Test - University of Canterbury (Including Tymapometry)

Otoscopy - Ear Examination

Acute Otitis Media - Otoscopic Findings

Control of Lead at Work - Video Links

Lead Exposure Risks in the Workplace

Lead Poisoning Lecture

Lead Exposures in the Workplace

Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome - Video Links

Toolbox Talk - Hand Arm Vibration

Neil Loach

Neil Loach

Our Subject Matter Lead here is Neil Loach, BSc (Hons) SPOHN SCPHN (OH), RGN, EN(G). Neil is our current VP. He is also Pathway Lead in Occupational Health for the SCPHN OH Course at University of Derby. Neil is a Full Time Senior Lecturer based at Derby. He has over 25 years of experience in OH and has been employed in Industry and conducted Health Surveillance over many years.

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