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iOH fully supports the sentiment behind ‘The Black Lives Matter campaign’. All lives matter, but at this time Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic members of our communities are at a disproportionately higher risk from COVID 19 death, and we need to discuss this with the context of the overall COVID-19 picture. OH can have an important effect on these lives. The BAME Community need our help!

Emma Persand is our Subject Matter Lead for BAME COVID-19

As an inclusive Membership Organisation we have responded to our members for links to BAME Covid-19 resources. It is vital that we take into consideration the essential facts that Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic workers are at a massively higher risk from death from Covid-19. This could also affect those with mixed race in the population. (As yet no one has done any research into this area, that we could find) It is essential therefore that we acknowledge this for the workers in our care. This comes at a time that is pivotal in our history in the Black Lives Matter era. It is essential CPD for any OH Practitioner to undertake. 63% of all Healthcare worker deaths in the UK are from the BAME Community. It is not acceptable for this statistic to grow.

iOH fully support the Position Statement from The Royal College of Nursing:

The COVID-19 pandemic presents various health challenges for a wide range of communities across the UK. However, evidence has emerged of a specific and serious impact for Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) communities. The early data suggests that disproportionately high numbers of people from BAME backgrounds are becoming seriously ill and dying from the virus.

In England, independent reviews have been established by Public Health England and other agencies investigate the reasons for this disparity. However, we also recognise the anxiety that this emergent risk may cause to BAME nurses, students and healthcare support workers and their families.

The official reviews do not displace the responsibilities of employers to comply fully with their health and safety obligations and wider duty of care to, regardless of their race or nationality.

Whilst there may not be a tremendous amount of information there are some useful pages that will allow you to increase your awareness of the risks to the BAME community.

BAME COVID-19 – Links

These resources relate to the disproportionate impact of COVID19 on BAME communities.  

BAME COVID-19 – Video Links

The Royal Society of Medicine
Coronavirus: Why black, asian and minorities may be more at risk.
Channel 4: Coronavirus deaths ‘disproportionately high’ for black and ethnic minority people
Good Morning Britain: Is Racism the Reason Coronavirus Affects Ethnic Minorities more?

BAME COVID-19 – Student Work

Do you have any work that you have done whilst studying that you would like to share? On these pages we’d really like to showcase your work and help you get the recognition you deserve. Or would you rather it sit on a disk drive or in your attic, never to see the light of day again?

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