Autumn 2021 Article

Disability and IT Accessibility

As a society we are increasingly becoming reliant on digital technology. Never has this been highlighted more than during the recent pandemic, as more of us have worked or studied from home. But it has also emphasized that there can be barriers to accessing and using technology as a result of health and disability issues. …

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Importance of Ethnicity in lung function

In the 18th and early 19th century, statisticians and scientists believed that white people were at the top of the hierarchy and social order and “minority” racial groups were both biologically inferior and barriers to progress.

Menopause, Work and Occupational Health 

Less than 20% say their workplace provided information about menopause, only 10.2% said their workplace had a menopause policy or guidance and 77% would have liked more information about menopause at work

Hidden Disabilities – insights into what works

A group of workshops took place with individuals who declared hidden disabilities, as a safe space to talk about their experiences and this article provides a background as well as an overview of the insights produced.

How Diverse is your Inclusion strategy?

With the Government recent release of the National Disability Strategy, it has never been more pertinent for businesses to develop inclusivity strategies for disabled employees.

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