Why listen to a podcast about Occupational Health support and visual impairment?

By iOH

Published 15 June 2023

Occupational Health does a lot of good work helping to keep people in work, helping companies retain their talent and offer help and support to individuals within the world of work.

As with everything, it could be better.

By listening to this podcast you will hear from 3 people who have extensive experience of the occupational health and workplace assessment systems in the UK. You will hear stories about what happens when support is provided in silos without a cohesive solution or where support has not included any expert knowledge on a condition and therefore the wrong support has been provided.

Dan Williams with his guide dog Zodiac
Dan Williams

Dan Williams, who runs Visualise Training and Consultancy ltd is  on a mission to improve inclusion and accessibility for people with disabilities and to help organisations see the value of bringing in experts in particular conditions into the support process through better relationships with occupational health companies. Daniel has an eye condition called Retinitis Pigmentosa, which means he is gradually losing his sight. He established the consultancy in 2014 to share his experience and expertise with companies and organisations.

Dan has devised interactive training programmes and tailored support services to overcome this challenge. These include visual impairment awareness training for colleagues and customer-facing staff and workplace assessments for employees with sight loss to help them work effectively. His personal insights and practical solutions help ensure your services become more inclusive and accessible.

From his own experience he knows that many companies don’t know where to start when it comes to supporting someone with sight loss. Without a specialist in the process to help, how does the individual even get to work let alone do their role?

In the latest episode of his regular podcast  Life Beyond Visual Impairment Dan and his guests discuss “Occupational Health providers and visual impairment”. They look at where is the system going right and where could it improve? What part does training and education have to play not only for those who are providing workplace assessments and support but also for line managers within organisations? What should sign posting look like and why is it important to adopt a multidisciplinary approach to holistic employee support!

Dan is joined by podcast host Graham Coath who prior to setting up a social media company had a 20 year background in workplace assessments and assistive technology training. He puts the questions to Dan and Anna Harrington, a very experienced occupational health professional who is on the Society of Occupational Medicine task group for Diversity and Inclusion.

Dan’s podcasts are highly listened to by experts in the sector, with some recent episodes nearing 1000 streams on Spotify. These podcasts are designed to stimulate discussion among different stakeholders in the support sector, encouraging debate and enabling organisations to re-think policies and procedures and make improvements which will help both companies and individuals.

Episode link:  https://open.spotify.com/episode/4AZ9qKw8Rye1gXX63hQBQl?si=Pz7C2x-ZSJurcFBjY0pEaA

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