Job: Occupational Health Advisor

Published 12 January 2021

Occupational Health Advisor

Full-time position

About London Doctors Clinic

Doctors Clinic Group is a rapidly expanding group of private GP clinics and Occupational Health services, based in central London, Chislehurst, Manchester and Birmingham. 

We offer convenient and affordable private healthcare in London, with most consultations being 15 minutes from £65. Our online booking system where patients can book a long time in advance or at the very last minute offers the convenience that walk-in clinics can’t rival, a guaranteed appointment when patients need to find a GP. 

About the Job

This is a full-time position (40 hours per week) based in BR7 6NW.

Purpose of the Role

  • Delivery of a full range of Occupational Health services to Maitland Medical clients as required within working hours
  •  Working closely with the Managing Partner, management team and clients, to continue to develop relevant and innovative new products in respect of health and wellbeing initiatives including training packages, literature, etc. 

Main Duties

Customer Related

  • To develop an understanding of each client’s current OH needs, reviewing the OH services currently delivered and working with key stakeholders within Maitland and Clients, where applicable, to develop and build upon existing services, ensuring needs are met and services are delivered effectively.
  • To deliver and continue to develop services where applicable ensuring an in-depth and current understanding of the assigned portfolio.
  • Contribute to the compilation of content for bi-monthly employer newsletters and quarterly employee and wellbeing newsletters.
  • Review and support the development of occupational health services offered by Maitland.
  • To contribute to meetings and communication with current clients to establish and proactively assist in needs assessments and the appropriate defining of relevant clinical services. Assisting in the development and maintenance of client relationships and income by seeking to optimise the quality, delivery and efficiency of the delivery of clinical services and customer satisfaction.
  • Provision of clinical support to other Maitland Medical clients as required. This may include online and paper assessment of new starters, case management, vaccination, dealing with clinical/client enquiries, health surveillance, health promotion activities etc.

Human Resources

  • Offer advice and support to nursing colleagues and OH Technicians and provide an example to others in the team, understanding the responsibility to train and develop the less experienced and less confident.

Statutory/Legal Compliance

  • Assist with the development, maintenance and review of policies, procedures and controls in relation to clinical practice to ensure that Maitland continuously operates within the required statutory and legal frameworks.
  • Advise and offer clients guidance in respect of their occupational health statutory and legislative duties.

Quality Assurance & Management of Clinical Standards & Performance

  • Where required, participate in internal clinical audits relating to clinical processes.

Information and Communications

  • Contribute directly to the internal and external profile of the business and its services; manage the expectations of all internal and external stakeholders by communicating professionally and regularly through meetings, verbal, written and email forms.
  • Communicate diplomatically and sensitively respecting the expectations and requirements of both clients and colleagues
  • To make full use of existing operational and management information systems to influence and maximise operational efficiency and resource control. To contribute to the further development of such systems and processes to enhance performance, minimise cost and maximise efficiency.
  • Attend and actively contribute to internal team meetings and contribute to a wide range of strategic and operational business development initiatives.


Apply on the London Doctors Clinic website.

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