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President’s Blog – November 2020

By Neil Loach

Published 2 November 2020

Following Saturdays’ press briefing from No.10, I took a few days to watch social media channels to gauge the National public reaction. I have seen several differing viewpoints, some of which worry me.

This is a Public Health Nightmare. A huge effort will lie ahead to control COVID-19. I will not believe that this is a conspiracy. In my humble opinion, neither should you.

What no one can say is how all this will pan out. There are a number of different scenarios. Each with similar outcomes predicted. We know there will far too many deaths. We know there will be staff working tirelessly to try to prevent that from happening, but sadly that will not prevent the huge loss of life we are likely to see in this and subsequent waves. Or should I say storms!

I happened upon Lucy Kenyon‘s recent Facebook post and found some inspiration. It read something like this.

“We are not all in the same boat, but we are all in the same storm”. Support Each Other! #dontjudge #bekind

What a post! It’s true. We are not all in the same boat. It’s the storm that is the same. Each one of us will face a different challenge or boat. We, therefore, need to support each other over the coming weeks and months. This is going to be a long winter that will challenge us all in some way. There is no getting away from that.

Occupational Health & Wellbeing Practitioners the length and breadth of the country will face unprecedented forces that will challenge our very essence. Please support each other to weather the storm. Guide each other’s boats to safer waters.

If you need any advice, guidance, or just a friendly ear. The Board and I will do whatever we can to support you. We can’t offer counselling or therapy but we can offer friendship and guidance to any one of our members that needs it.

Be safe, be bold, and keep doing the wonderful stuff that you do. Day in, day out.


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